Deep Strength

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Wednesdays 5pm PST via Zoom

Deep Strength is a trauma-informed and Access-Centered Pilates class focusing on deep spine and core stabilization for mental and physical stability. We all have different bodies and frames so there is no one size fits all model—for many of us, the core begins at the bottom of our feet or sitz bones (if we are a wheelchair user and unable to access the soles of our feet) and ends at the roof of our mouths. This is a drop in class and each week we will utilize Pilates methods for strengthening and stabilizing different parts of the core and also learn how they all connect and integrate into one whole: (please ignore whichever body parts you are not able to utilize) our feet, traveling up our legs, our glutes, pelvic floor, our deep abdominal stabilizers, our shoulders, the deep cervical stabilizers/throat, and ending at the roof of our mouth. Some refer to this as our “apple core,” allowing us to utilize our limbs/limb with more ease.

Access Info:
• can provide closed captioning with 72 hours advance notice
• accessible for people with hypermobility and EDS
• can offer seated/standing/lying down variations
• can offer variations for various limitations in limbs
• no Pilates experience necessary

CLASSES ARE RECORDED and you will receive a link to said recording whether you attend live or not.

We will be using the “Access-Centered Framework”, which is trauma-informed, intersectional (we work to dismantle oppression and hierarchies at all times), consent-based, and will never expect you to “adapt” to the exercises we offer—we will change the exercise to meet your needs. While we will be offering suggestions to keep your practice as safe as possible, everything we offer is invitational as we believe that you know your bodymind best. We will offer you space to advocate for your needs, and we encourage you and invite you to take up that space.

This ongoing drop-in class is sliding scale with scholarship options. We humbly ask that you offer as much as you can sustainably, knowing that Jess is a very low-income disabled teacher and that this is her life’s work.

You MUST prepay (Unless get scholarship or are Black/Indigenous and accept freely) Sliding scale $20-$40+ per class.  We highly encourage people who have financial access to pay as much as they can (perhaps more than $40) to help fund folks who do not have access.

The only way that this model works successfully is when people give what they authentically can, remembering that we are all conditioned in a model of scarcity and that it is often uncomfortable to give in this framework. For people who cannot afford the sliding scale: we will are offering scholarships to low income folks. Priority for BIPOC.

Please contact Jess via email ( to request a scholarship briefly explaining your situation. If you are Black and/or Indigenous and want to come freely, you have to register and also email Jess so they know you are attending and when.

You MUST Register (only once, if you come weekly your attendance is known with prepayment or an email requesting scholarship)

Please submit your pre-payments to via paypal or @Jess-Dene via Venmo. FB message us or email us at the email below if you need to pay another way. No refunds except for health/disability related reasons. Please email us if you have any issues, regarding access needs, or scholarships –

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About the Teacher: Jess is a white/Jewish queer disabled femme teacher, healer, and social justice activist. She began practicing yoga and pilates 20 years ago to manage the physical and emotional pain resulting from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and Complex PTSD. She found, however, that most mainstream classes she attended were not accessible for her needs. Jess continued to practice various movement therapies on her own and, with the support of an EDS literate physical therapist, rehabilitated countless injuries. She now considers herself a leader in offering safe movement for people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and other hypermobility disorders. She, along with India Harville and Neve Mazique, created Access-Centered Movement by combining trauma informed language (learned from the Niroga Institute), Disability Justice (a movement started by disabled queer people of color), and her lived experience as a sick and disabled queer.