“I’m someone with multiple disabilities and chronic health problems, and am also a trauma survivor, so finding ways to move my body safely and comfortably has been very challenging. Jess is an incredible thoughtful, aware instructor. A few days ago she came to my home and worked with me to design a routine that really works for me–trying things and adjusting them based on my response. Her process is deeply respectful, and she’s able to easily integrate knowledge of the body-mind’s workings from multiple perspectives. I’ve tried to learn yoga in many different contexts, and have always felt that I was required to adjust to the teaching instead of the other way around. This is the first time I’ve experienced yoga as really being for me. Thank you, Jess!”

-Aurora Levins Morales (poet, activist, author)

“I’ve both attended Jess’ access centered Yoga Asana class and her Access Centered teacher training. In her Asana class she manages to practice what she preaches by prioritizing every need of every body (including moods and minds) of students, NO SMALL FEAT! Her training really sets you up for success. The concepts are well explained, her handouts well organized, and a good balance between theory and practice. I felt at least the beginning of my brain rewiring around access needs as a result of attending both.  I felt better equipped for teaching asana and felt my needs truly and deeply considered and met as a student.”


“I’ll front this by saying I usually hate anything approximating exercise/activity classes. I have a couple of pretty complicated disabilities for the past ten years that I haven’t fully understood until very recently, so my history of trying classes has been at best painful and at worst humiliating. I’d been wanting to try again with taking care of my body, since disability makes that so hard, so took a risk and showed up to Jess’ class. Watching her make up the plan for a class in five minutes from participants’ stated needs is magic, the level of customization I figured was only an option for well-paid Google employees with personal coaches. What’s more, her own knowledge of disabilities and the bodies means not only can she design an awesome, accessible class with modifications for everyone that means they can always get value out of it, but that she actually knows more about my body than I do so can call me out /before/ I accidentally injure myself (which, as someone with a rare condition, is something I’d given up on ever having, figuring I had to be my own expert and hope for the best). This is the first time I’ve attended a class and felt like I’m really learning and working on building something, and Jess is an ever-patient teacher who, for me at least, makes me feel real comfortable. A+ would recommend! She works magic!”


“Jess is an amazing instructor whose expertise in yoga, teaching and adapting classes to people’s individual needs. Her attentiveness and range of knowledge has helped improve the alignment of my spine and reduce my chronic pain.”


“Jess Schlesinger has been my personal trainer for a few months now, and I can honestly say that working with her is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been disabled for many years with an illness that made it very difficult to exercise. When Jess first saw me, she was just grateful my muscles hadn’t atrophied! I’ve been working with her on a one on one, weekly basis and my body has already seen significant changes, including new muscle tone and improved strength. Even more than the results though, I’ve been so impressed by Jess’s expertise, patience, and empathy. She’s so attentive and observant that she recognizes my body’s limitations even before I do, and she’s always willing to adapt a movement to fit my needs. Jess and I were truly starting from square one, and she was able to identify movements that could be used as building blocks as my body’s capacity for exercise increased. Exercising was very much outside my comfort zone, and I appreciate that Jess never judged me. I would absolutely recommend Jess to anyone looking to improve their fitness in a healthy, access oriented way!”