The ACM Collective

India Harville

An African American queer disabled femme teacher, somatic bodyworker, dancer/dance instructor, performance artist, social justice activist, and educator dedicated to facilitating people in personal and collective healing and transformation.

Image Description: India Harville, a black, disabled, queer femme in a pink dress sitting on a backwards wheelchair with arms resting on it and one leg out.



A white, Jewish, disabled, queer femme, mindful movement and meditation teacher, social justice activist, healer, and educator committed to transforming spaces and organizations to be Access-Centered.


Neve Mazique-Bianco

A Black, Indigenous Northeast African, and Scottish multigender queer femme musical dance-theater maker, performance artist, party planner, writer, and community organizer declaring punk’s not dead and neither is disabled POC excellence.

Image Description: Neve Mazique-Bianco (image by Sofia Mohamed), black, disabled, multigender queer femme using a wheelchair; dressed in black leg warmers and black tee shirt with the image of a star and the words “Trans March”. Neve is in front of a brick wall.